10 Ways to Make Quick Money

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For all of those out there that need to make a buck and they need to make it now. Here are 10 ways to make quick money.

1. Get Paid a Commission On Affiliate Marketing. Basically there are tons of people out there and on the web trying to sell something. All you have to do is find somebody who wants to buy their stuff, whatever it is and the company or website will pay you a commission for it home depot health check. Check out Clickbank on the web.

2. Start a Home Business: There are home businesses out there that require only a little investment. Some network marketing companies who have been around for a long time only require that you buy some products for inventory for you to sell. They have a business model, all you have to do is sell the goods. Be careful, don’t get into a scheme.

3. Part Time Tipping Job: Do you have a car? Deliver pizzas or the newspaper. Try waiting tables or a golf caddy. Do you like writing? Go to BeginMyNuLife.com and contact them to find out a job opportunity for a quick pay check.

4. Save Money on Every Day Items- A penny saved is a penny earned. At least that is what my wise grandmother use to say. Charities have food banks, utility costs help, and clothing and household goods. Grocery stores sometimes have free coupons, and countless websites have free give aways. Google it.

5. Pooper Scooper- Nearly everybody has a dog and every dog poops. It is the least favorite chore right under washing the dishes. Here is my favorite way to make money… NOT. But hey, it’s not that bad and you can literally make a business out of it and get cash today.

6. Make Something to Sell- OK we’ve all seen the lemonade stand at the neighborhood corner before. It may not be the most profitable business but the concept can be. Make something crafty and sell it on the web at Etsy. It is a website like eBay but for arts and crafts and hand made items.

7. Sell Things on Craigslist- Craigslist is like a garage sell on steroids. Here you can make more money by selling stuff in your community. Find something laying around the house, take a picture of it, put it on craigslist for a good price, and wait for the phone calls.

8. Sell your Skills- Determine what your skills are and who you know that will need them. Maybe you know how to fix a car or you are somewhat of a handy man. Contact your friends and family members who need your services. Heck, maybe you know how to clean a pool. Just do what you know how to do and get paid now.

9. Return Items You Never Used- Stores like Home Depot and Walmart will take back just about anything if it is still in it’s original packaging. I took back a garage door opener that I bought two years ago from Home Depot. I only got store credit, so maybe you shouldn’t wait so long to return those items you recently bought.

10. Help The Medical World- Donate blood or become a guinea pig. I hesitate to recommend this so use your judgment. Check out the National Institutes of Health who often have case studies that need volunteers. You often times must meet the right criteria, but it is likely they have a study you can help out with.

I lived and worked in Honduras for a little over 11 years. But in general, Cebtral America is too volatile for me. Looking over a year for the ideal location where it’s pretty, peaceful, not too cold and specifically where it’s not too hot, my decision was to go to the Highlands of Old Mexico. Having been here for almost 8 years now, I have really learned to love it. I’m 11 hours from Laredo, Texas by car. The health care is top of the line! Here in my city the new regional hospital has all new, digitalized equipment.

We have Mexican social security type health care. An inexpensive annual policy is available, however we pay nothing because my wife has it where she works. I have had very thorough, intensive examinations of the highest quality. My wife had a cesarean section in the Specialized Hospital where she was sent. A nurse came in every 10 minutes to check on her. Our son had double pneumonia when he was 22 days old. I called a pediatrician I didn’t know. She told me what hospital close by to take him. When we arrived, about 6 minutes later, they had a private room, an incubator, an IV and oxygen waiting for him. The doctor arrived 5 minutes later. I can’t get that kind of service in the USA!

I bought a lot and built a home. It is about 1,650 sq. ft. My annual property taxes are about $25.00 USD. The city is growing fairly fast with a current population of about 125,000. We have a small mall, a small Wal-Mart, and just about anything a person could want. If you want a Home Depot, a Super Wal-Mart, Office Depot, Chili’s, or Sam’s you have to travel about 35 minutes to a huge city where prices are a lot higher than here.

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