5 Club Juggling – Cascade and Beyond

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To learn to Juggle 5 clubs, it is expected that you can already juggle a very good 3 Club Cascade. It is not essential that you have learned 4 Club juggling as odd numbers of balls are juggled differently than even numbers, but there are several 3 & 4 Club tricks that will help you learn.

The 5 Club Cascade is the exact same pattern (infinity sign also known as a side on figure of eight) as the 3 Club Cascade, only it now has to be approximately twice as quick and twice the height. As each and every club has to pass through the same centre point directly in front of your body, there is potential for plenty of collisions unless you can work out your timings and improve on your accuracy! For this reason, it might be worthwhile learning the 5 ball cascade before moving on to the Club version of the trick.

Be prepared for this skill to take months (or even decades) to gclub learn. If you aren’t prepared to put in a decent amount of time, then feel free to stick with learning lots of cool 3 and 4 club tricks. Numbers juggling isn’t for everyone, and people can be very impressed with lots of tricks using fewer objects!

If you have decided to jump straight from 3 clubs to 5, then you may not have learned how to juggle clubs using double spins yet. Double throws/spins are the norm for 5 ball patterns, so here is an explanation:

Double Spins: Throw the club twice as high so that it spins at the same speed as with the single throw, rather than try to keep the same single club height and throw it twice as fast. You may find it easier to start with a normal 3 Club Cascade pattern then introduce one double spin, and build your way up from this, or just try making every throw a double straight from a 3 club start – the choice is yours, but it needs practiced loads.

How to hold 3 Clubs in One Hand.The “Circus Grip” is where you hold one club’s handle against the fleshy part between your thumb and forefinger. The next club is placed beside it, but with the handle tucked underneath, and the third club is placed beside the second with it’s handle tucked underneath. There are other methods you can try (a YouTube search will uncover lots of tutorials, so you can decide which grip is the best for you).

Top Tip:The first throw may be a lot more difficult than the other throws (because you don’t have as good a grip on the first Club especially compared to all the others), so it may be worthwhile practicing holding all 5 Clubs, and just throwing the first Club from each hand smoothly for a while.

3 Club Tricks (to help you learn the 5 Club Cascade)

High 3 Club Cascade: Practice throwing every Club to a 5 Club height and get the height consistent with every throw.

3 Club Flash: From a start or while doing a regular cascade, throw all 3 Clubs high (so that for a brief moment both hands are empty), and then continue.

Flash With Handclaps: Perform the 3 Club flash (see above), and as soon as you have released the third Club, clap your hand once. Now try again but this time clap your hands twice before continuing the cascade. These 2 claps would represent the 4th and 5th Clubs being thrown in a cascade pattern, so it is a very useful trick if you can get into the rhythm of doing this trick continuously.

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