Acne Problem in Adults

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There will be many changes in the body during the puberty stages in both men and women. This is due to the hormonal changes in the body and hence certain glands are over activated. The activation of sebaceous glands leads to the problem of acne in people of adolescent ages. But acne problem is found in many adults even at the ages of 30 and 40. This type of acne must be treated carefully so that the complexion is maintained. When no treatment is taken, adult acne will leave scars and rashes will appear on the skin spoiling the beauty. Acne in adults is a common problem for which different treatments are available.

Acne is very common among the teenagers. For these people the treatments are mild as it is a natural phenomenon. During the teenage acne will appear and will vanishes off naturally. Hence mostly treatments are avoided for young adults. These people take home remedies to take of their skin. For some teens the acne problem will be very intense forming pustules and they will approach the doctor for proper treatments. When properly treated acne can be kept under control. Adult acne is more prominent among people who had treatments for acne during their teen ages. Teen acne is common among teen boys while adult acne is affecting more girls. The percentage of adult acne with boys is just 25% while with girls adult acne is found in 50% of them.

Pimples medically called as comedo is a major problem with adult acne. Adult pimples are more nodular and more prominent spoiling the complexion of the skin. Generally pimples consist of fluid that is produced because of the excess fat that is secreted by the sebaceous glands. For adults the pimples turn to pustules with more fluid inside causing more pain and itchy feeling. The fluid causes infection in the other clear areas of the skin too. People say that acne is caused because of the unhygienic conditions. It is not true actually.

Causes of adult acne
Acne is mainly a hormonal problem. The over activation of the adrenal glands and the reproductive hormones secretion will stimulate the sebaceous glands to produce more oil. These glands are present in the outer dermis layer of the skin. When the skin pores are blocked by the external dirt, the excess sebum combined with the dirt providing a comfortable atmosphere for the bacteria to breed. This ruptures the dermis layer and leads to the formation of pimples or pustules depending on the intensity of the infection.

The bacteria are the main cause for the acne problem. The bacteria can be controlled only by not providing favorable environment to multiply. In adults the stress in 暗瘡治療 the minds causes hyper activation of the sebaceous glands and hence leads to acne. Improper care for the skin also leads to the formation of pimples. As the pores are blocked by dirt, it becomes favorable for bacteria. To avoid this, the skin has to be maintained properly so that no dirt gets accumulated.

Acne is sometimes hereditary. If the direct relations of a person suffer from adult acne problems then there is a high chance for adult acne in the person. This hereditary acne cannot be avoided but the infection can be kept under control by keeping the skin free from dirt.

Prevention and treatments for adult acne

To prevent adult acne proper nourishment for the skin is essential. This nourishment comes from the creams you apply externally and from the food you consume internally. For young teens, acne causes problems when they take fatty food items like cheese. But for adults they don’t play an important role in the cause. However, taking balanced diet is essential for maintaining nourishment for the skin. The skin has to be cleansed properly with a branded face wash and should be moisturized regularly to prevent cracks in the skin.

Acne treatments for adults are different from treatments for teens. The same treatment you took in your teenage will not work for your adult acne. Teen acne requires mild ointments and gels while they will never cure adult acne. Benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid are effective in curing adult acne. While you are buying a product for adult acne, make sure that the product contains these chemicals for curing acne. These creams are not generally sufficient for curing acne in adults. Gels and creams can do well only with teen acne. For adults, intensive treatments are required.

Modern treatments remove the pimples from the face for curing acne. Zeno acne clearing device is used in such treatments. The device produces heat to treat the pimples. The bacteria causing pustules are killed in the heat and the pimples are then removed. This treatment will result in oddities in the skin forming ridges after the forceful removal of pimples. But certain other treatments are available that will treat the skin to recover from the oddities. This will enhance the look of the person by curing the problem at the same time.

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