Affiliate Marketing Blogs – The Affiliate Marketer’s Secret To Riches

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“Frequently, when harnessing article marketing to drive traffic to a website, people by default post their articles to article-marketing sites such as However, there is a way to siphon traffic to your website with the use of affiliate marketing blogs.

You see, these affiliate marketing blogs are a perfect opportunity to rank high in the search engines and send free traffic to your affiliate sites. This article will give you an overview on how to harness affiliate marketing blogs and earn more profits over the “little guy” who’ll never earn enough affiliate commissions to pay the phone bill.

1. Choose keywords that are related to your affiliate marketing niche. Don’t make the mistake of choosing highly-searched terms in your niche. These terms are highly competitive (for example, if you’re selling a weight loss product, you don’t want your main keyword to be “weight loss”). Choose a longer-tail keyword such as “weight loss using EAS supplements” to “drill-down” you niche Sherry Dyson. These long-tail keywords might have less traffic, but competition isn’t as keen and you’ll get ranked in the search engines faster when you put them in your affiliate markeing blog.

2. Write content-rich affiliate marketing articles to put in your affiliate marketing blog. Assuming you have chosen an affiliate program with great support, products that convert, and sample emails and articles, you are now ready to write simple articles you will later post to your affiliate marketing blog. Here are a couple tips on article writing: They needn’t be long (only 300-500 words) and don’t need to be perfect in grammar and spelling. Just choose a “factoid” you can expand on in an article and write in a fashion that makes the article interesting and the reader feel they didn’t waste their time. If you’re lucky, the prospect might come back to your affiliate marketing blog over and over again and buy more from you.

3. Set up your affiliate marketing blog. The good news is that you don’t have to pay to start an affiliate marketing blog. Free blogs you can use to post your articles include,,, and As of right now, Tumblr is a good blog to start with if you want to start an affiliate marketing blog and get high rankings in the search engines.

Why use affiliate marketing blogs instead of just posting to e-zine sites? Well, posting to your own affiliate marketing blog gives you the power to change and edit things the way you want. You can also “ping” the search engines which signifies that a new affiliate marketing blog post has been placed and to come and “spider” the site. The best part is that owning an affiliate marketing blog with interesting articles will compel people to visit the blog over and over again.

You see, affiliate marketing blogs are one of the most popular content platforms on the Internet. It is easy to post content-rich content without having to mess around with HTML and other technical stuff that derails most newbies. Therefore it is a “no brainer: to have a group of affiliate marketing blogs you can keep adding content to and get higher rankings in the search engines.

Despite the sheer power blogs have as marketing tools that have the potential to create an endless stream of traffic and quality leads for any site, many webmasters and site owners are yet to wake up to this great opportunity.

It is truly amazing how so many folks spend most of their time agonizing over the low, mostly useless, traffic trickling in at their sites or even blogs and yet the answer is so obvious. All they need to do is write keyword rich articles and post them at high traffic article directories with links pointing to a blog created for the sole purpose of marketing their product or site. It is really that simple.

Personally I am able to market all my online businesses using only blogs. I don’t own a single site and to be honest I am not even interested. Why should I take on the extra baggage of maintaining a web site when I can easily attract hundreds of thousands of hits to my string of free blogs? And the good news is that anybody can do it.

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