Airsoft, the Next Big Thing

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Okay…so you’ve heard of paintball and laser tag, but what is airsoft? It is only the latest and greatest extreme sport, but why is airsoft so much more unique than most combative sports? It’s because of the realism. It’s so extreme and realistic that even the military uses airsoft gear for training and situation exercises. Unlike paintball, airsoft’s nearest relative, you don’t have to worry about splats of paint.

Airsoft guns gave birth in Japan in the early 1980’s and have steadily gained more popularity over the years. The first guns that were created were powered by “green gas” which is a silicon-based firing agent. This type of airsoft creates the most realistic look and experience, simulating the way a real gun is fired. These guns are still in use today and actually more popular than ever. These guns give police 7.62×39 bulk ammo and other law enforcement agencies the ability to purchase a cheaper gun for training exercises.

The participants of airsoft (professional agencies or everyday people) often act out real situations such as hostage situations or even war, and they use open fields, backyards, and courses to playout the realistic but made up scenario. Due to the fact that this has become such a popular game, more and more businesses have popped up all over the map. This gives the airsoft enthusiasts a way to better enjoy the sport with realistic props and situations that make it a real blast to play.

Aside from the realistic weapons that make airsoft so much fun, there is gear that needs to be worn to fully protect the players. Usually, you will see a player with protective eye wear, vests, and helmets. But hey, even soldiers wear protective gear, so it takes nothing away from the sport. Let’s face it, while not real, the Bbs (plastic ammo for airsoft gun) can really hurt, so don’t be stupid, where the protective gear and clothing that is required to play airsoft.

The AEG airsoft guns or Automatic Electric Guns are the most purchased airsoft on the market today. You see more of these guns on the battlefield in games of war because they are the most practical. And while the most expensive guns of the bunch, they are a must have for the serious gamer because they are the most practical.

Another airsoft option is the springer or spring guns. Typically these are the cheapest of all the guns, except for the sniper rifles. These guns are easily purchased for under $50. The spring guns are less complicated because they don’t require a battery. However, they do have to be manually cocked. This can be a great option for a sniper rifle, only because typically a sniper doesn’t have to reload extremely fast.

There are a ton of other airsoft accessories that make the airsoft battle field a very realistic adventure. If you want to learn more about this great sport, be sure and search for airsoft forums online. I hope this write-up has given you a glimpse into the world of airsoft. Maybe I’ll see you soon on a battlefield near you!

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