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How many times have you heard those catch phrases? Well, we agree – they are both very overstated. But, they really do sum up your Vegas experience. Bottom line: Las Vegas is about checking your husbands, wives, girlfriends, boyfriends, etc. at the door and cutting yourself loose from any morals, worries, conscience. This is the place where everyone seems to think that “anything goes” – and it usually does! People actually do enjoy pretending they are somebody else. Even the most conservative woman in your office will let her hair down and give in to that one night stand — she is in Vegas, after all!

With all those poker faces and bluffs at the casino scene, everyone thinks they are somebody else long after they leave the tables.

Vegas is a place to act like that friend that always tells the best stories. It’s a place to stay up way past your bedtime, gamble away your entire paycheck, act a bit crazy, or do the things you are always too scared to do in the “real world.” It’s a place where you’re supposed to get into trouble and mix things up downlaod mega888 apk on here. It’s a town of bling-bling and dreams – cause you never know when your luck is going to catch fire.

Somehow, despite all this crazy single silliness, Vegas is still a big enough town to offer plenty of options for the alterna-yuppie couples too. They can get all cleaned up and enjoy an exquisite meal or glitzy show. They can run the tables with the best of ’em and waste the afternoon away at the pool or spa. Things getting boring in the bedroom? Try one-part champagne, one-part swanky hotel room, one-part Vegas, and you’ll be at it like jackrabbits again. Just don’t get too liquored up, cause you might just wake up the next morning and learn you were married by Elvis in that tiny white chapel, complete with plastic flowers. Classy, ey? Bet the parents will love hearing that one!

Yes, Vegas has a lot of adrenaline and you’ll feel the rush in everything you do here. In a town where people have $10,000 riding on one card, even the mundane everyday tasks like eating and drinking take on more excitement. And if eating and drinking is your thing, you’ve come to the right place. Top restaurants and chefs from around the world have dropped into town and opened up for business. Now, you too can enjoy the highest quality of cuisine on The Strip. Here then, are our journeyPod Picks for dining, wining and dancing Las Vegas style:

Bars & Nightlife

If it’s nightlife you’re after, you’ve come to the right place. Vegas provides a party all day and all night. But the town really comes alive when the desert sun sets and everyone’s inner player and alter-ego come out. Every night in Vegas feels like an elaborate Bachelor party. If you’re looking to have some fun, have a girl’s night out or forget your past and meet somebody new, then a night on the town in Vegas is your best medicine.

The nightlife has significantly picked up in recent years, and now provides just as much buzz as the table games inside the casinos. So grab your little black dress and your best pickup lines and get on it! Roll the dice and see what the night has in store for you. Oh, what’s that? You don’t “normally” enjoy the clubs? Well, you don’t normally go home with strangers either. Go out there and enjoy- don’t worry, we won’t tell!

PURE Nightclub (Caesars Palace) – If class, sophistication and style are what you’re all about – this is the place you need to be (definitely the most upscale club in Las Vegas). With 36,000 square feet, PURE is like three clubs in one. The three distinct environments include The Red Room – a VIP haven with cocoon-like private booths and secluded from the main club; the Terrace – a 14,000 square foot enclave with private cabanas and panoramic views of the Strip (pay attention to the glass elevator or the twisting staircase that’ll get you here). If you’re a high-roller, celeb or just have enough cash to drop to feel like one, PURE is the spot to check out!

Tryst (Wynn Las Vegas) – From the moment you descend the marble staircase leading to Tryst, it becomes exceptionally evident that a distinctly unique nightlife experience awaits you. Surrounded with sound, style and sensuality, Tryst boasts the best-looking “A” list crowd in Vegas. As you emerge upon the club’s centerpiece, you’ll need to catch your breath at the sight of the 94-foot waterfall and walls covered completely by hundreds of mirrors. The club also boasts lush velvet – which can be found on the walls, draperies – everywhere you look at this oasis. You’ll also enjoy observing the striking cocktail servers dressed in alluring attire (yes: you will need a bib). If you’re not afraid to spend cash, request seating on the patio/lounge on a bed near the lagoon or checkout the VIP room, which features a stage and stripper’s pole where even you (yes, YOU!), can show of your moves.

Light (Bellagio) – Exhilarating, glamour and intimate all describe the nightclub experience you’ll enjoy here. The second outpost mirrors the chic and sexy design of the velvet-rope exclusivity of its trendy NYC predecessor. As you embark into the expansive space filled with billowing curtains, candles and recessed dance floor, you’ll likely find yourself rubbing elbows with Tinsletown’s elite (Bruce Willis, Leonardo DiCaprio, Sting, among others). Light boasts state-of-the-art lighting, sound and technology, along with world-class elegance found nowhere else on the Strip.

Rain in the Desert (Palms) – A 25,000 square foot hotspot that boasts all the bells and whistles you’d expect of a Las Vegas mega-club, this is probably the most “hyped” club in Sin City – thanks to MTV and the celebrity “A” list. A typical clubber’s dream, the place has the styling of sexy dark hues, 14-foot fireballs (yes you can feel the heat) that light up an elevated dance floor and dancing water fountains. Eye candy presents itself with gorgeous go-go dancers that suspend on platforms from the ceiling and gorgeous patrons that need no suspension. If you’re in the mood for a change of scenery, venture outdoors to the poolside mattresses (just remember to bring your poison – there’s no bar outside).

GhostBar (Palms) – Make sure you aren’t afraid of heights when you climb high in the sky above the Strip to this 55th floor, 360-view of the glittery city and beyond (we swear: the ride lasts only seconds). With a see-through acrylic floor that looks directly at the Pool Lounge 55 stories below, you will have that “falling” sensation when you look down. GhostBar delivers a “Jetson-esque” venue that serves up great live DJ music (rock and hip-hop) and drinks. Warning: if you are afraid of heights, go anyway – just let yourself indulge in a few of the signature cocktails to help you out!

The House of Blues Foundation Room (Mandalay Bay) – One of the most exclusive clubs in Vegas that features an astonishing view of the Strip (that only compliments its extraordinary company), this usually members-only venue occasionally opens its doors to the general public – particularly on their signature Monday nights after-hours party, called “Godspeed.” Accessible only by a private elevator, The Foundation Room (located 43 stories up) has an exotic, mysterious and sexy ambience. The club features a variety of private rooms and a fireplace is located in the main lounge area surrounded by cozy seating. With different DJ’s to choose from, you’ll have your choice of hip-hop, house and dance – depending on your mood.

JET Nightclub (Mirage) – Swanky and sexy, this is a nightclub where only the hip tend to gather. An evolution with a state-of-the-art sound system that offers the best of hip-hop, house and rock, JET provides the ultimate combination of sophistication and cutting-edge. Featuring three distinct rooms, dance floors (totaling 15,000 square feet), and European bottle service, this nightspot is as posh as posh gets. So, remember: If you reserve a table with bottle service, you’ll surely increase your chances of getting in – which can be tough, considering the hordes of people lined up outside.

Tangerine (Treasure Island) – Sensuality and sophistication is what you’ll find when you cross the threshold of this intimate lounge and sultry club. With beautiful bartenders (surprise, surprise) and burlesque dancers (it’s all about the eye candy here), the nightly shows tantalize and provoke men and women alike, with flesh against flesh and barely-there garter belts. DJ’s spin a mix of rock and dance, and the club/lounge also features a gorgeous outdoor patio that overlooks the Buccaneer Bay – so be sure to catch a glimpse of the outdoor show when you’re out there. The spot in Vegas on Wednesday nights.

Body English (Hard Rock) – DJ AM (from LAX in L.A.) takes you on an unforgettable ride at this swanky club with its grand staircase and crystal chandeliers. Black, mirrored walls and leather booths are sexy and sleek, and the vibe is untouchable – you’ll feel the energy the second you pass through the velvet-rope. Though getting through the front door can be tricky, you’ll be partying with the likes of Justin Timberlake and the Hilton sisters if you can find your way in. Got your unlimited AMEX with you? Try the $1,000 martini – an extravagant cocktail that features a diamond-and-ruby-topped swizzle stick that you can even take home.

La Bête (Wynn Las Vegas) – The name, which translates to “The Beast” in French, is a treat for the senses. Decorated in warm red hues and featuring an entire wall made out of glass, through which you can see a waterfall cascading into a lagoon, La Bête is stunning. And, when things get hot and heavy on the grand dance floor, a glass panel next to it opens to the spacious outdoor patio (with faux mountains, towering trees and the waterfall lagoon). This place allow guests to relax, shake their groove thang’ and just marvel at the décor and beautiful patrons that transport you far far away from the Vegas desert. All that, plus DJ’s spinning a mix of sensual R&B and Top 40 hits make this place an irresistible draw.

RA (Luxor) – This place proves that size really doesn’t matter! Though smaller than many of the other Vegas clubs, RA presents a stellar line-up of internationally-renowned DJ’s that spin the hottest hip-hop, techno and dance. Given its location in the Luxor Hotel, RA pays loyal homage to its namesake, one of the great gods of Ancient Egypt. The Sun God RA was believed to be the creator of the Universe – by day, the heavens were his domain; and by night, he descended into the Underworld to party and play. Today, the Club Ra (with its 19,000 square feet) is a temple in his honor – an ultra-modern, ultra-hip dance oasis that boasts two bars, a center stage and grand dance floor. Dress to impress – all eyes will be on you (and know: the club enforces an upscale dress code since the gods don’t take too kindly to those who show up in jeans).

Club Ice – The city’s first “MetaClub”, Ice is the coolest lounge/club and provides an experience like no other. Six unique microenvironments (accessible in a circular pattern) cater to everyone’s different tastes — from intimate and loungy to downright sultry and boisterous. The clever mix of beats that keeps you moving and the contemporary, metropolitan décor makes this one of the most attractive nightspots in town. Sexy singles can enjoy the fur-lined walls of the Fur Room or the Ultra-Chic Lounge that boasts plush seating and minimalist furnishings. A feast for the eyes, go-go dancers gyrate on an elevated stage, while liquid-nitrogen keeps revelers calm, cool and collected.

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