Best Business Hotels in Hong Kong

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Planning a business trip to Hong Kong? Thinking of stuffy rooms, inconsiderate service and average amenities? Guess it is time to change that. Hong Kong might be a bustling city teeming with clinical facades, swanky shopping malls and looming skyscrapers packed into a few square miles of space. But I see no reason why you shouldn’t check these accommodation options out and take a breather after a tough meeting! Read on and find out more about some of the finest business hotels in Hong Kong! It is time to indulge your senses!

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Book your rooms at the Mandarin Oriental in Central, Hong Kong. You know you have truly arrived the moment you step into the lobby . The spacious rooms, the impeccable service and the views of the city – everything about this glamorous hotel scream “Five-Star”. Choose to get rejuvenated at the pool or spend a lovely evening away from the hustle and the bustle! Whatever you choose to do, you need to be ready for the stay of a lifetime! Oh! Did I forget to mention that this hotel has a great location too?

Get your expectations realigned when you choose to stay at Hong Kong’s latest icon – well, Hotel ICON. Touted as a contemporary hotel, this beauty is perfect mix of chic, function and design! ICON is definitely the place to treat yourself to some unparalleled luxury! With added features such as shuttle services and free mini bar, this hotel should definitely be at the top of your list!

Get supercharged and absolutely refreshed when you choose the JW Marriott with its thoughtful business amenities and gadgets! The rooms are a delight to stay in for they feature high end gadgets juxtaposed in an elegant and chic decor. This masterpiece is probably one of the best Asian hotels to stay in! With virtually everything at your beck and call, you might even be tempted to overstay!

Moving on to something truly unique, truly one of a kind, The Excelsior is steeped in history and is located in the heart of the entertainment district. The service at this hotel is noteworthy. So is the choice of cuisine that is on offer. State of the art conference facilities converge with opulent rooms and fantastic food and drink making this the perfect hotel to stay at when you visit Hong Kong next!

Experience a “Home away from Home” when you “reside” at the W, Hong Kong. A popular choice with travellers, this hotel is renowned for having redefined the term “funky”! This hotel is probably your best bet for mixing business with some much-needed pleasure. And it needs to be on anybody’s bucket list purely based on the fact that this hotel reeks of elegance, comfort and convenience. Bye, Bye, cold, cramped rooms, hello W!!

Hong Kong is also a brash mixture of Western and Eastern cultures, a meld of designer clothing, electronic consumables and Chinese superstitions. Modern apartment tower blocks, very Western in style and decor, do not have floor numbers ending in ‘4’ as the number 4 in Cantonese is very close to the Cantonese word for ‘death’.

You will also stand out as a tourist amongst the Chinese rather than being able to blend in with other Europeans as you would nearer to home. And unless you’re an exceptional linguist there won’t be any attempts to converse in Cantonese with the locals. But don’t despair, thanks to its history and a large ex-pat community most Chinese, at least in restaurants and shops, will be able to speak English. Most of the street names and signs are in English as well as Cantonese.

The first thing you will notice about this lively place is its modern, efficient mass transit systems. Arriving at the new airport, Chek Lap Kok, you essentially walk in a straight line from gate through baggage & customs onto a (usually) waiting train that takes you right into the heart of Kowloon, a popular hotel and tourist district. For exploring further the subway system (MTR – Mass Transit Railway) is very cheap and clean with air-conditioned trains and stations.

Taxis are also plentiful and very cheap, thanks to the fact that most people do not run their own cars and rely instead upon buses, taxis and the MTR.

It is a good idea to get the name of your hotel printed onto a card in Cantonese so that you can make yourself understood to the taxi driver when you want to get back to your hotel.

You will also notice the fact that you are in the tropics. The climate is hot and humid, even at night. But air-conditioning is abundant, in fact on some streets you will probably be dripped on by water from the air-conditioning condensers attached to most every window of the buildings towering above the streets.

As a gweilo (‘ghost people’, the Cantonese term for pale-faced Westerners) you will be targeted on busy Nathan Road by the many street salesmen : “Copy watch, sir?”, “Custom suit?”, “Free drink?”, “Jade rings?”. Unless you are happy to part with your money for fakes, or buy clothing with a higher price tag than its quality merits, learn to ignore these people. Even saying ‘No’ is seen as a sales opening.

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