Blog Article Writing – Guidelines For Writing Articles For Your Blogs

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As you might already know, you can use your articles as blog posts. However, you will need to adjust some elements as you are not posting them on article submission sites. For example, you don’t need to create resource box or keyword list just to make sure that your articles will be posted online.

Here are the guidelines that you can use when writing articles for your blogs:

1. Go with the hottest topics. People will surely not be impressed with your blog if you write about old topics or those that they usually read in the online arena To spice up your blog, I recommend that you offer something new or something hot. Subscribe to relevant news and RSS feeds so you can easily keep yourself posted on issues that may interest your target audience.

2. Use conversational tone. One of the reasons why online users prefer blog over regular websites is because most of them are written in conversational tone. Don’t deviate from this if you want your target audience to have great reading experience. Write as if they are in front of you. Share your information with enthusiasm, inject humor, ask questions, and share relevant examples and stories.

3. Keep it short. Your blog posts must be short as you are serving individuals who have limited attention span. As much as possible don’t let your blog posts exceed 400 words. Also, ensure that they are scannable. Use subheadings, keep your paragraphs short, and use number/bullet list.

People who have interesting topics on their blog make money online because of the advertisers that are after the high web traffic in those pages. One way to generate web traffic in the blog is by being the first in everything. For instance, breaking news that is relevant to the main niche should definitely be considered as people would appreciate being informed. The blog being informative would widen the market because it can take advantage of hits when there are still few posts about that specific topic. Limiting the scope of the blog would also be useful in getting to know the usual audience being targeted.

Aside from having relevant content and narrowed down subjects, it would also pay to have some kind of gimmick that would get the attention of the target market. For instance, if the blog is all about the local music scene, there could be a calendar of events. These things would be quite practical for people so they are bound to check on it once in a while. The layout of the blog is just as important. It should be simple and organized without looking too dull.

Commenting on other popular blogs would also grab the attention of other people. It would be an effective means to get a new audience to visit the blog. It is also a matter of importance that even the comments made are substantial. It would not be effective if other people are not stirred by the comments. For instance, disagreeing with a certain point strengthened by rationalization might be more convincing.

In this time and age when almost every business is going online, every marketer should go beyond the traditional basics of marketing that have been formulated with the common brick and mortar stores in mind. It is about time that any serious marketer start learning about e-commerce or internet marketing. But you do not need to spend much on your learning of the basics of eCommerce because there are effective ways of gathering such valuable information, and most of it are free. One such great source would be an online marketing blog.

But bear in mind that no two marketing blogs are alike. Simply put, there are those expert online marketers and there are also the normal bloggers who try pass themselves of as professional internet marketers. You will have to sift through the noise as they often say and create your own list of highly trusted and professional online marketers. You can do this by searching for top lists of marketing blogs. If you find a couple or more blogs that are often mentioned in those lists, chances are they really are worthy of your time to be read.

Also, you can also try reading through business magazines and other online news organizations because whenever they create stories they always turn to experts or the professionals in the marketing field to get their all important opinions and takes on certain subject matters. If they mention or interviewed an online marketer, that marketer probably has his or her own blog because it is a basic tool for such marketers to make use of blogs. Find out what their blog is, pay it a visit and if you think the contents can be considered good reads, bookmark it or simply include it to your list of online marketing blogs.

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