Blog Marketing: Linking to Success

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Preparing your own blog and promoting it properly to make it famous in cyber world is something that is hard to do. Many bloggers think that by simply making a blog and filling it with content is all they have to do in order to be successful but that is not the case. Simply publishing your quality articles on the web does not ensure your success in blog marketing. There are a few important steps you have to take in order to make it known throughout the Internet.

You have to create back links to your blog in order to promote and advertise it effectively however having only a few back links won’t create the effect that you are looking for. In order to make your blog a favorite place for your customers you have to create many back links You need to get links to your blog all the time with full consistency and hard work. The more the better in this case!

Remember high authority sites can give your blog a huge boost so try to get more and more links from such sites. If you want to be a successful blog marketer, you must never stop getting back links for your blog. You can take short breaks but never end the work of creating back links.

Do add videos to your blog in order to make it successful. Adding videos will allow you to submit your blog to video directories. So never drop any video that fits well in your blog as it can give you lots of advantages that you never thought of.

There are also many paid directories available on the internet. You should submit your blogs to such paid directories if you have a budget for your blog marketing campaign as these directories are far more effective than free directories because Google trusts such sites. Google is fully aware of the fact that you have used money in order to get your blog into such sites. Paid sites always take high quality blogs and Google know this fact too, so they will trust your blog more than any freely submitted blogs.

You cannot submit a low quality blog to paid directories even by offering them higher than normal rates and that is what dramatically increases the reputation of your blog on the web. So, seeing if you can meet the criteria for their blog standards will be something that you can utilize as well and get you in with the finest sites and blogs on the web.

You can use Press releases as part of your blog marketing. No doubt this is a great way of making your blog famous and prominent. You can have a press release about your blog but the press releases about blogs are not written freely. Just pay a few bucks and get a quality press release written about your blog and then submit it to all the hot press news sites.

Press release will give your blog an increased reputation and by linking it up with these kinds of sites in order to increase the page rank, is a great idea. The fee for writing a press release varies from company to company or person to person. Mostly it is not too high and a new blog marketer can afford it easily.
Forums and message boards are both great ways of attracting traffic to your blog. Simply include the link to your blog in your signature on the forums and see the wonderful results. If you are posting on Forums that are not relevant to your blog, you will not get any traffic as the users there will not take any interest in your blog that is totally different from what that is discussed there.

If you are an expert in your field users will automatically get attracted towards your blog after reading your high quality posts. This can also be a huge way to advertise a website and get that out there as well to be seen by the world.

Let’s say you worked hard on your business website, spending lots of time researching, writing, and meeting with your team. You assumed that your efforts to optimize your website would not be in vain, that after a few months, search engines would pick up your website. Your hopes of ranking well with Google® and showing up as one of the top 3 in searches for your keywords almost came true but not quite. Or maybe you did make it to the “top,” and you’re getting traffic but not sales.

Now let’s say you are not the type to give up. You want to know how you can fix it. You do have some options. One is to try blogging. You can actually use your website builder to help you create a blog for your website. It will show up in your navigation menu.

According to one study, small businesses that blog get up to 55% increased traffic to their websites. That same study shows that a blog adds 97% more inbound links. In SEO-speak, links are the golden ticket. 434% more pages are indexed (helping your chances of organic SEO results) for websites that have blog pages. Blogs provide fresh content to your website, making it search engine friendly.

So what does this mean for you? It means that if you’re not blogging on your site, you’re missing 55% more opportunities to reach more customers and sell your product or service.

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