Brief Guide About 351-050 Exam

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This is a Cisco Certified Exam and it is known as CCIE Wireless Beta Written Exam and the code for this exam is 351-050 Certified Ethical Hacker exam. This is quite a challenging Certification Exam. CCIE exam is mainly conducted to identifying talents who are well qualified in networking field such as they can elaborate their study and can face any challenges of end to end networking. This CCIE Certification is provided to one who passes both the written test and their corresponding lab exams which tests their practical skills.

There is no special requirement needed for CCIE Wireless Beta Exam with the code 351-050. First they have to clear the written test and then have to clear the lab exam which is already described in detail.The name Beta comes as they offer special reduction and that reduction is valid for limited period only.So, candidates make use of the opportunity and try to get the certificate at less cost.

All the written exams are computer based and of multiple choice exams which last for two hours and it is writable at any testing centre all over the world, there are nearly hundred in number. Before appearing for lab exam where the practical skill is analyzed the candidate should clear written exam else they have to rewrite and only after clearing they are allowed to appear for lab exam.

This CCIE Wireless Certification of 351-050 helps the candidate to evaluate and validate their wireless knowledge experience. Also the candidate who clears the CCIE Wireless Certification is well qualified in theoretical knowledge of Wireless Networking and a very strong understanding of Wireless Local Area Networking (WLAN) technologies. They get this knowledge from the Cisco technologies as they are the leader in the WLAN field.Benefits of CCIE Wireless Certification: Paves way to salary increase and job advancement in Wireless Networking Industry.

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