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Having your own blog and creating your own brand is very important when building your primary network marketing business. Your blog is going to act as your central hub of all of your activity. By having your own blog, you will be able to get highly targeted search engine traffic, which is the best kind because it is completely free. This traffic will generate leads for your business, and these leads will turn into sign ups and sales for you, which ultimately means more money for you.

Having your own blog is also important because all of the emails you send out will direct the reader back to your blog. For example, if there is some kind of special offer or breaking news that is related to your business, you can make a blog post about it, then send out an email blast to your Essiccatore a freddo list letting them know about the news or special offer, and include a link back to your blog for more information. This is much better then just sending people to your company replicated website.

If setting up your own blog is new to you and you think it might be over your head, don’t worry, it is actually very simple. You will want to use a self hosted WordPress platform, which means you will have to pay a small monthly fee. Remember, this is a business and there are going to be some expenses involved. The small expense of running your own blog is one that is well worth it. Also, don’t be scared if you think something is “over your head”. There are news things you will have to learn if you want to succeed, so of course at first things will be over your head.

Don’t be scared to learn new things, set up a blog and start adding 1 new post a day. It will takes some time to start seeing traffic so be patient. The results you will see over time are worth the wait. A big mistake many people make is giving up to soon. Many people set up a new site, make a few posts, then give up after a week because they have not made any sales or signups. It is important to realize webwizard360 that you may not see any results for months, or even a year. But once your site gets noticed by Google, and you start to get traffic, it will be definitely worth it.

So, it’s finally happened. You’re having a great time writing your blog – until all of a sudden you’ve completely hit the wall and run out of ideas. Things just don’t seem to be coming together and this can often be a result of trying to post too often and burning out, or alternatively leaving too long between posts and having your mind become less-inclined to keep going. So what can you do about it? In a previous post we listed possible blog topic ideas, and in this follow-up we’ll go into how you can easily create new post ideas from scratch.

Where To Look

If your ideas aren’t coming from within, then naturally you’re going to have to look somewhere else. Start with the following to see if you can generate any cues for your writing:

List the top celebrities or other personalities in the news this week. Think about what’s happened in your life (away from blogging) during the past week. Visit the top websites or other blogs in your niche. Check the trends in Google or Yahoo to see what people are searching for smootnews . List any events coming up in your area or others that relate to your blog’s niche. Write down the top news events that have happened during the past week. You might not have to go through all that – in fact, you’ll probably get halfway through and realize you’re starting to see a few possibilities. If you get through them all it’s usually a sign you’re really stuck! But don’t worry, because if you let it rest for a little while then the ideas should start coming to you pretty soon.

Putting It Together

When you’ve taken a look through the above, you’ve probably filtered out anything that may or not be compatible with your blog’s niche as you’ve gone through it. For anything else, see if there is a way you can connect it to an aspect of your blog’s niche. Usually, this means not writing a tutorial-style post – instead it often leads you to writing posts along the lines of “how ___ would do ____”, “what ___ means for ___” or “what ____ taught me about ___”. It can lead to some pretty interesting and alternative-thinking-styled blog posts.

Some of the advantages of coming up with ideas like this – even if you’re not struggling – is it does put a different spin on your regular style of writing and can actually be quite enjoyable to write. Your readers will most likely also find it a welcome change. Last of all, writing about news, popular celebrities or other current trends gives you an added boost in the search engines, as many people search to find out more about these things.

Other Alternatives

If you’re still struggling to write a blog post then you might also try doing one as a video and just use your webcam to record you talking for a little while about your topic. You can also try the following ideas, which allow you to take a bit more of a “lazy” approach:

Run a poll for your readers on a particular aspect of your niche. Run a contest (though, will usually require some sort of prize!). Interview a personality in your niche – or even just a loyal reader. Summarize several other bloggers’ views on the same topic. Embed a relevant video from YouTube and post your comments. Allow one of your readers to submit a post. Though you shouldn’t rely exclusively upon these last few ideas, they can be helpful when you really need to post an update on your blog but need more time to prepare a bigger and better post.

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