Current Intel CPU’s and Nehalem Analysis

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It is now May of 2008, and Intel continues to release newer versions of its Penryn family. Now, the stage is set for Intel to release the Nehalem family of processors later this year.

The Nehalem family of processors, according to the Intel website, will provide enormous gains over its previous family, the Penryns. The Nehalem will also feature hyper-threading, energy efficiency, and excellent price-to-performance ratio intel cpu for sale. Also, according to Mac Rumors, a benchmark was leaked out with the Nehalem processor. According to that benchmark, the Nehalem is by far the best processor we have ever seen.

This will provide a very interesting turn-out of events on Intel’s side. The Nehalem will be used on a completely new motherboard socket with a new chipset, so Intel will have to work hard on the marketing of its Penryn series during the next few months. Depending on how successful the Penryn CPU’s are, and the leaked information, the Nehalem can turn out to be anything from Intel’s next largest success or Intel’s new failure.

So far, Intel has had great success with its release of the Penryn processors. Another advantage is that the new Penryn processors are beating AMD’s new-but-late Quadcore and Tricore processors by quite a large margin. This means that AMD will have to make up that difference, which may not be possible because Intel is, currently, so far ahead in many aspects, namely its overclocking abilities. That is a large plus to many aspiring computer builders.

What happens here is that in order for an Intel CPU to complete a simple task it has to do 22 or 31 things and a AMD CPU only has to do 12. What this means is that you have an AMD CPU running at 3.0GHz and a Intel running at 4.0GHz, the Intel chip is doing less work per clock cycle and more cycles. Basically the Intel chip is running faster in MHz but doing much more work for the same result.

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