Email Marketing For Recruiters – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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Twenty years ago, no one could have predicted how the internet and the use of Email have revolutionized the way that recruiters recruit today. It’s no longer a question of whether or not to use the technology; it’s a question of using the technology effectively to help your business. One of the biggest growth industries over the last ten year has been firms specializing in mass email marketing. They make it simple. Send them your list, send them what you want to email out and they do the rest. This may be all well and good for large marketing campaigns but these firms are still a pricey and time consuming option for the every day recruiter that merely wants to let applicants in his database know that he’s got a new job to fill.

Luckily, most recruiting software has jumped on the bandwagon of providing embedded or associated software options for doing mass mailings straight from your database. So now instead of a long and expensive process to send out mass quantities of emails at a time, it’s merely the click of a couple of buttons and you can reach thousands of people with your message. But now the question is – is this a good idea?

The primary measures for securing email account are to be careful in the selection of passwords, backups of data, and permissions for file transfer Email1and1. These measures are not all the security of an email account. At the present time email user should also use anti adware, antivirus software, anti-spyware, personal firewall, and software for browsing. This software is available on the market. Some of them are available to everyone without any cost and some of them are packed which are available at a higher rate. Among these are some software operated by the operating system of a computer on an automatic basis, and some software works on the command of the user. The operator can control its work by command. Therefore, this software depends on the effectiveness of the operator.

In the case of protection of a computer, firewall is in first place. Firewall has a particular process. Here it only allows the computer to connect with trusted websites. All software and hardware works here like a fence surrounding the computer. Software and hardware firewalls use different methods to keep the computer and the network safe. Users can also set the working procedure of the firewall. The user can also allow some exceptional websites and program which at the first time was not allowed. In modern times, the virus creators are using email to spread viruses all over the world. They attach different virus affected files to an email. When the user opens it and activates it, and then the virus can cause complete damage to the computer.

We have established the fact that despite how technology’s changed the way conventional brick and mortar businesses work, email marketing remains to be a relevant part of just about any marketing campaign.

You could be a great copywriter full confidence that you can produce top quality articles that are absolutely convincing for your email newsletters. Whats more, you are so sure that with the emails, there is a 10% conversion rate waiting to happen! However….

You need to ensure that the emails can be delivered to potentially interested customers’ in-boxes. There isn’t a point in coming up with the best newsletter based on your copy writing skills when no one is going to read them. There isn’t anyone who is reading. There isn’t anyone you can convert into a customer.

This is the topic that I am going to cover today – email deliverability.

Many years ago, email deliverability was never an issue. Everyone uses email services freely and without fear of being spammed. Email spamming has, unfortunately, affected how we use email. Unscrupulous business people have changed the way we communicate via one of the most amazingly effective marketing tools. Business people should realize that they have to start consider implementing email authentication standards to ensure that customers and interested people will receive the emails that you send out.

There are instances whereby people have 10,000 email addresses in their email database and we are usually talking about a successful conversion rate of approximately 1%. What this means is that 99% of the email is not read or have been classified as SPAM!

Working on the above assumption, let’s be positive and imagine that your conversion rate is double of that….2%. Out of the 100 people who DID receive the email, you are only going to be getting 2 customers who actually saw your email and buys your products.

And when you do a backward math, 2 out of 10,000 people (the number of contacts you have in your email database) equals 0.02% which is much lower than the market average. In fact, with THAT conversion rate, you may not be able to cover the cost of your email marketing campaign at all.

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