Erase the Intimidation of the TEXES Exam

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Marcia taught as a substitute teacher at a Texas elementary school, but she was not happy with her salary. Her bills had increased and she wanted a way to gain an extra $35,000 per year in income. The only she could do that was to get her Texas teacher certification by passing the TEXES. After talking it through with her parents, she realized that she didn’t want to change careers because she loved teaching Security+ certification . So she made up her mind to study for the TEXES exam and get a job teaching a specialized subject in her nearby high school.There are two types of question in the TEXES exam; one is multiple choice questions and the other is the essay questions. In the multiple choice questions, you get to choose from an option of five questions that may not all necessarily be incorrect. However, choosing the exact right answer will be your challenge.To get rid of her fears, she did some research and found that it is not only important to know the subject, but what she needed was a blueprint formula that taught her how to pass the TEXES exam. She needed a comprehensive system that has worked to help others to pass.

The TEXES exam is targets a specialized area of competency. The exam tests your ability on a given subject so when you take the exam your knowledge of the subject is vitally important to pass. What is included in the exam truly depends on the subject that you want to teach. The essay question consists of not one, but two short essay questions. The key to passing the TEXES exam and to get rid of any intimidating feelings that you may have is to learn how to manage your time and how to master the process of elimination.

Marcia was one of those people that would have extreme anxiety when she took an exam and she did not look forward to taking the TEXES exam, but knew she had to do it to enhance her teaching career. She wanted to teach Math in high school because the pay was better. In order to do so, she had to take the TEXES exam and pass. This would greatly increase the salary she was now getting at the small elementary school that she was teaching.

Marcia did not want to have to take this exam twice and so she tried to find TEXES study materials that would give her a fast action plan on how to ace this test. She was able to find the 7 Day Comprehensive Success System for the TEXES exam that gave ethical cheat sheets, mirrored practice questions, and the exact formula to writing short essays.

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