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Does Creating a Google Site Map and Telling Google About it get your Work at Home Business Web Page Indexed Faster? In this article I’ll be explaining a very simple method to get your new website indexed by Google, MSN, Yahoo, and all major search engines right away . Most people who are new to website building have very little idea how or why it is important to get their website indexed by the major search engines.

10 Ways to Get Google to Index Your Site (That Actually Work)

Smaller one or two page websites, also known as sales pages, are the easiest and quickest to get indexed in the three major search engines almost anyone can generally succeed by just manually submitting through each search engines submission process. Once you have built the basic barebones website (Main page, ½ a dozen content pages, and a sitemap linking them together), it’s time to get indexed in the search engines. If after having submitted your site manually, you discover only a few pages have been indexed by the search engine, you need to take a look at your site google index download.

If you do a check and find that only your main page or only a few of your pages are indexed and the rest are not, then google index download it is important to look at your link and navigation structure and to make changes that will enable search engine robots to find and follow all of your links. Normally when a search engine robot finds your main page, it will then follow links to your inner pages, and continue following links until all of your pages have been indexed. So it stands to reason that the more links you have pointing to a given page, and the more significant those links, the faster that page will get indexed, the higher it will get ranked for your most important keywords, and the more often it will get visited by the search engine spiders.

Smart affiliate marketers use blogging and pinging to help get their sites crawled and indexed by the search engine spiders a lot quicker than they normally would. To check how many pages of your site are indexed in a particular search engine, simply do a search on the particular engine for “site:yourdomainname”. The tips that you will find here basically apply to optimizing your site for any search engine, but they are definitely worth the read so that you focus your search engine optimization efforts in a way that will get your site indexed.

You will then understand why your very large site, that has one of the most intricate and functional Flash based navigation systems on the planet never makes it high into the search engines, even after all your efforts of manually submitting it everywhere. Even if you pay big money, if your site is not properly seen by the robots used by search engines for indexing, chances are many of your pages will never make it. My point is if you add one link to your website in a single Internet directory, Google and other search engines will find you and your site just by following the link you placed in that one directory.


Test your websites design and structure using Google Sitemap Software such as SOFTplus GSiteCrawler (Freeware) that will try and index your entire website. The idea here is that you are helping Google by letting them know you have new content on your site. Several hours after your submit your sitemap to Google, Google will download your sitemap.

I would like to point out that many do “proper” search engine optimization by optimizing the page or keywords on the pages for Google indexing, but for Google, the anchor text and quantity of links hold supreme. Everyone in the online world knows extremely well that the most sought after traffic to one’s site comes from a Google search. That is also how the creators of Google describe their main goal, to more or less have a great repository of information, and help people of our planet find useful stuff.

In fact, if you do a careful search in specialized forums, or wherever else these issues are discussed, nobody really agrees on whether Google puts more emphasis on this or that element to create its rankings. txt file on your web server” – Google Technical Guidelines), then do it. Whenever I went to Google or Alexa and typed my url in, nothing happened.

I read about this problem online and I found out it takes a few weeks before the bots from Google or Alexa get sent to your page to index it. Getting indexed in Google does not work the way you may think. I touched on this subject briefly in my last post when I talked about the Google Pagerank.

It stands to reason anything you can do make it easier for Google to Index your Work at Home Business Online Business get a Google Ranking. To show you how serious Google is about using Sitemaps. Everybody knows that getting indexed in Google is getting more and more difficult each day and every body is looking for that edge over the competition.

Well, presenting Google Sitemaps, Google’s latest offering which is still in the beta stage, and which won’t make the purists frown. This new system will revolutionize how marketers will now be able to submit an xml file of their website pages direct to Google and work along side the mega giant search engine to provide detailed information regarding the total amount of your websites pages and how often they are updated.


Getting indexed in Yahoo is a bit harder, and takes longer. I set the initial posting of four times a day, it was indexed by Yahoo and the Google search engines within two hours and in Google’s main index the next day. You can find out how you are doing by going to Google, Yahoo or MSN and making the following search query: site:www.yourdomain.

For Yahoo and MSN search engines, the key is to work on your on-site optimization of your website. Before you can even consider getting high rankings in Google, Yahoo and MSN, you have to get indexed by the search engines. Google and Yahoo take for every to get around to manual submissions, and there are far easier ways of getting into them.

Getting indexed in Yahoo has become very difficult in the last few months. The secret to getting indexed in Yahoo involves constant updates to your site. Unlike Google, which allows you to use sitemaps as a way to get your site indexed and spidered, Yahoo uses several different approaches to indexing content.

It can take a little while to get indexed, but if you are persistent, you’ll see your site indexed on Yahoo in no time. Rob Benwell, of “Blogging to the Bank” fame, said that he used MSN for his searches when looking for niches, because MSN updates more quickly than either Yahoo or Google, and this was why he used MSN to test his results.

Although Yahoo isn’t the largest, or the highest ranking search engine on the internet, it is still one of the most important, and if you want use search engine optimization and promotion as a main technique in your marketing arsenal, you definitely need to get listed here.

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