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Hockey is a highly competitive and challenging game. Hockey lovers consider hockey players as genuine heroes. The professional life of hockey players is very demanding. They have to perform extremely well even under pressure. They have to work irregular hours and must be able to follow instructions from coaches and managers. Hockey players should be physically and mentally fit for the sport and possess special skills needed for the game. Moreover, a lot of traveling is involved in his career. Injuries are common in the hockey players’ lives. Many players have injuries caused by player contact, falls, and contact with a puck or high stick Ice Hockey.

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Some of the most well known hockey players are Wayne Gretzky, Mario Lemieux, Bobby Orr, Gordie Howe, Maurice Richard, Doug Harvey, Terry Sawchuk, Jean Beliveau, Bobby Hull, Eddie Shore, Jacques Plante, Guy Lafleur, Glenn Hall, Phil Esposito and Stan Mikita.

Wayne Gretzky is the most popular figure among hockey players. He holds and shares several impressive records with other hockey players. He started his professional career with the Indianapolis Racers of the World Hockey Association in 1978. His most productive years were with Edmonton Oilers of the National Hockey League. He joined this team in the year 1979 and led the Oilers to four Stanley Cup championships in 1984, 1985, 1987 and 1988. He created several new records. Additionally, Gretzky won the Conn Smythe Trophy and the Lady Byng Trophy. He ended his amazing 20-year career with 2,967 points. During these years, he revolutionized the popularity of hockey while establishing himself as the greatest player of all time.

Gordie Howe is a famous hockey player and prolific scorer. He made his first NHL debut for the Detroit Red Wings of the National Hockey League. In 1977, he became the first player to score 1000 career major-league goals. He spent more than 50 years as a remarkable professional hockey player. Mario Lemieux is another outstanding hockey player of Canada.

Summer is the off season for hockey, but it’s still an important time to train and hone your hockey skills. Most hockey players focus on off ice training drills by shooting pucks, stickhandling in their basement, and running dryland agility and speed drills. These are great, but one important facet of hockey is missing. Passing!!!

Hockey is a team sport that requires puck movement to be successful, especially as we move onward to higher levels of play. The majority of hockey players aren’t able to work on their passing skills away from the rink because they can’t find a partner or parent to participate with them. This problem has been solved through product development. Now there are hockey training products that allow a single player to pass the puck to themselves by rebounding the puck back to them.

The art of passing a hockey puck is very important to learn at a young age and these hockey passing aids have helped hockey players develop hard, accurate passes away from the rink. Making good passes results in more time with the puck and better scoring opportunities during the game.

Have you watched a Pro game before? The passing is excellent!

If you watch a NHL game or higher level junior hockey game you’ll notice the high rate of passing taking place. The skills to make and receive a pass are very evident during these games. These highly skilled players are able to move the puck from one end of the ice to the other in a very efficient manner. The passing skills they possess are one of the major factors they made it.

So why should you work on passing away from the rink?

The answer is simple. It’s important to be a great team player and possess the passing skills to move the puck around the ice. Passing is an underappreciated hockey skill that is overlooked by most kids and parents. Hockey ice time is expensive. Practicing on your passing skills at your home is more effective now than ever with the new passing aids available.

A simple skill like a backhanded pass can add one more element to your game that 99% of the players won’t have in their arsenal. These small differences are the keys to moving up the ladder in the game of hockey. Good hockey players can all skate, shoot, and stickhandle to a degree but being an elite player requires passing skills to improve other players around you.

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