How to Choose an Energy Efficient Air Conditioner?

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With global warming giving a boost to the rising temperatures, the hot days tend to be much hotter than ever before. Today’s summers are far from bearable in many of the modern cities. And this is the major reason behind the rising sale of air conditioners. Although people buy out air conditioning units to get some peace but if one is not careful, he/she may unknowingly contribute to making the situation much worse. As such while bringing home an air conditioner, one of the most important questions to be asked is how much energy efficient is the unit?

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Deciding upon an energy efficient air conditioner may get tricky at times and as such one must keep some points in mind. The first and foremost task is to determine the size of air conditioner you need for the task; next to deciding the tonnage, the most basic indication of efficiency is the star rating of the air conditioner opticlimate. Higher the star rating higher is the efficiency of the air conditioning unit.

Most of the air conditioning units that come into the markets today are although free of any kind of greenhouse gas release, but in case one decides to get a second hand one, it is always better to catch hold of a comparatively newer model and to check for its energy efficiency labels. And for any second hand model, getting it serviced before use is also of utmost importance, not only for the efficient cooling but also to ensure the least power is consumed.

And for a new purchase, once the tonnage is confirmed and the star ratings are seen, the next task is to check for the warranty details; it is not an unknown fact that the cooling units need regular maintenance; getting them serviced regularly will not only reduce the risks of sudden breakdowns but will also keep the air conditioner under optimal energy consumption, as such will save one from sudden hikes in power bills and will also help save energy. The importance of air conditioning units are raising fast in the modern cities today, due to more and more people moving in and due to congesting in small plots. But if the houses are constructed with much more efficient construction techniques, the need for air conditioning system can be done away with. This would not only be a savings for you, but will also add greatly to the environmental safety.

Mankind has already become more aware of the perils brought about by technology on the environment that measures are already being taken to minimize the environmental hazards of many machineries and devices. You may have heard about the campaigns on promoting energy efficiency and reducing carbon footprints to help preserve the environment, but are not quite sure as to the relevance of these in the utilization of air conditioners. Perhaps a better understanding of the relationship between power consumption and energy efficiency will help shed light on the matter, and further stress the significance of proper AC usage and maintenance in helping reduce carbon footprints.

First, we need to understand what energy efficiency is all about. Energy efficiency is the volume of energy utilized by a particular appliance or device in yielding productivity. In that case, any energy that is used in unproductive activity is considered inefficient. This essentially means that the lesser the energy used to achieve useful work, the more efficient a device or appliance is. Conversely, it becomes energy inefficient if it utilizes a lot of energy without actually serving its full purpose.

Nevertheless, the good thing though is that in 1998, the Mobile Air Conditioning Society Worldwide and the US Environmental Protection Agency formed a global voluntary partnership to reduce the impact of this air conditioning system. The goal of this partnership is to promote next generation units that are better for the environment while satisfying customer safety, cost and reliability concerns.  

They also aim to develop cost effective designs and improved service procedures to minimize refrigerant emissions. Partners also have to identify alternatives for the refrigerant HFC-134a, the predominant refrigerant in vehicle air conditioning systems. Because HFC-134a is a potent greenhouse gas, one pound of this in the atmosphere has the same global warming effect as 1300 pounds of carbon dioxide.  

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