How to Write an IBDP ToK Essay – Step-By – Guide

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Let’s talk about how to create a ToK essays with Tutopiya. The IB ToK Writing Essay contributes towards a student’s IB Diploma’s overall score. The extended essay counts as the IB ToK Essay. An individual student can earn a maximum 3 point award based on his/her combined performance in both Extended Essay and TOK.

Tutopiya will assist and guide IB Diploma Students on the following:

How to begin a ToK essay
ToK Essay Structure
Example of ToK Essay Analysis

Choosing Your Essay Title

Before you can begin to structure or write your essay you must first choose the topic. You are required to analyze and compare various ways of knowing (IB ToK Essay).
1 – Selecting your required title and knowledge question

Before you rush to select a title to write, take time to go through each title in detail and to brainstorm ideas.
Tip #1 Brainstorming

Note down any initial ideas or questions you might have about each title. When brainstorming for each title, ask yourself a few simple questions.

What confidence do I have to write an article about this? Is it asking me what I think? Do I know the title’s keywords or concepts?

You may not understand what the title wants you to do. Look through the title to find keywords and concepts you don’t understand or have forgotten.

Do you have strong interests in the title We recommend at the very least that you are interested because you will be spending considerable time and effort researching the topic. Select something you are open to learning more about.

Is it possible to relate something to the title? You can still inject personality and charm into the IB Tok Essay, even though it should be as objectively as possible.

You can always do this by adding to ideas or topics that you have learned in class or personal experience.
Tip #2 Understanding the question in one’s own words

Sometimes, it can be hard to understand the essay title when you first look at them. So before you begin the IB ToK essay, paraphrase the question.

You might struggle to understand the keywords, concepts, and perspective of the title.

To aid our IB students, we suggest breaking down the question/title first by understanding the keywords in it. Then, take the title and put it together to understand what you are asking.

This will help you understand the title more deeply than before and enable you to answer the title properly.

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