I Remember When My Custom Metal Sign Was Born

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Holidays always remind me of family. Whether it be the 4th of July, Christmas or the upcoming Memorial Day, I always seem to reflect on my family during these special times of the year. The first thing that comes to my mind when I think about my family is how spread out we are across different states. From aunts and uncles in Georgia, Colorado, Vermont and North Carolina to cousins in California, Minnesota, Florida and Texas custom metal parts, my relatives never cease to keep my options open for new places to visit. Since I have so many relatives living in different locations, I almost never get to see everyone in the same place at the same time. My grandparents, though, are really good about scheduling events every two years to get everyone together at their home in North Carolina. I always try to make this trip, as I enjoy catching up with everyone and learning about the new things that are happening in each person’s life.

My father, the comedian.

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Family reunions with my relatives always include a lot of storytelling. These storytelling sessions usually last for hours, as everyone likes to chime in with his or her own version of what is being told. I love this part of the visit because I always get to hear about something funny that my dad did with his brothers when they were teenagers. My dad is now a doctor and all of his years practicing medicine have humbled him, so I find it hilarious that the guy who I have always known to be a pretty serious person is capable of any kind of shenanigans.

My grandmother tells the same story at every reunion.

My grandmother is a sweet lady who loves to tell stories about the day that I was born. She always starts the story by describing the weather. It was a steamy, hot Saturday and all day long the sky looked like it was going to open up, though it never did. My grandmother’s reason for always telling the story is that I was born on the same day as my cousin Martha. My mother and father were at Martha’s tenth birthday party when my mother said it was time to go to the hospital. My grandmother loves to talk about how excited Martha was to have a cousin born on her birthday. In fact, Martha still lights up every time she hears my grandmother tell the story about our birthday.

My custom metal sign helped me share my passion for reading.

I’ve been in business for myself for almost ten years. I run a bookstore on a busy street in New York City and I love being able to share my passion for reading with my customers. When I first opened up, I talked to my friend Jake about advertising and he recommended that I create my own metal sign. I took Jake’s advice and designed a sandwich board style personalized metal sign to display on the sidewalk in front of my store. This metal sign was my first attempt at advertising my store, and I still use the metal sign today, ten years later.

Family reunions make me think of my custom metal sign.

I told you about my family’s reunions because I compare my grandmother’s ability to recount the day I was born with my ability to recount the day I first started using metal signage to promote my store. It was a Tuesday in April and the weather was beautiful. I had Pad Thai for dinner that night because there was a Thai restaurant located next door to where I bought my metal sign. I could keep going with my description of the day, but I’ll spare you the boring details. My custom metal sign has been with me through all of the trials and tribulations of owning my own business, and I’m happy to say that the metal sign is still with me today.

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