Is It a Good Idea to Buy Refurbished Phones?

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Refurbished phones are pre-owned phones that have been remanufactured and placed back in the market. There are undying questions and debates poking into the issue of buying refurbished cellular devices, do they offer any advantage? Are they as cost saving as you may have been led to believe? With many big time phone vendors going the refurbishment way, consumers need to get a thorough understanding of the advantages and possible repercussions of buying a refurbished cellular device. This article uses the case study of refurbished phones to explore into this cantankerous issue.

Do These Phones Work as Well as New Phones?

Every consumer wants to know that the device he is investing in, whether new or used, will be able to give him the value for his money. Well, as to whether the cellular device you buy will work as well as a new one, you need to consider the person doing the refurbishment and understand what goes on during the process.

When we talk of refurbishing, used devices are generally returned to the manufacturer or renovation shop, fixed accordingly and tweaked back to their original mobile d’occasion specifications. After this process, the cellular device should be able to function as well as it was a new one. However, the levels of functionality would vary depending on such factors as to who refurbished the cellular device, and how well they did it, and reasons why the phone was refurbished.

For the best results, the manufacturer should handle the refurbishment. Refurbished phones are handled by the employer and certified. A used phone that is refurbished by the original manufacturer is more reliable than one from someone unfamiliar with the technology. When buying a refurbished phone, it is therefore highly recommended that it is certified as “Manufacturer Refurbished”.

What is the Difference Between a Refurbished and Used Phone?

The main difference between a used phone and a refurbished phone from the same manufacturer lies in what is done to the phone before it is thrown back in the market. With a used phone, only the previous owner’s details and personal settings are removed from the phone. A refurbished phone on the other hand gets the details removed and any software and hardware malfunctions rectified.

Benefits of Buying a refurbished Phone

· Cost-effective:

If you ever wanted to own phones with cutting-edge technology at a fraction of the regular price, refurbished phones offer that very advantage. In most instances, the refurbished phones may not have been returned to the manufacturer because they were faulty. Some users may return because they bought another phone. This gives you a competitive price for quality products.

· Eco-friendly

Think of what would happen if every used phone was to be dumped in a compost pit. We would soon be wallowing up to our necks in e-waste. Refurbishing the phones reduces electronic waste from used phones.

· Access Phones which are no longer manufactured

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