Men’s Beginner Guide to Jewelry Style

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More men are selecting, buying and wearing jewelry than ever before. The modern man is embracing jewelry as the ticket to the fashion club. If you’ve considered wearing fashionable jewelry… more fashionably, then I’ll go through and give you tips on how to select and wear each piece of men’s jewelry.

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Necklaces- Necklaces have been hitting the fashions mags big time. Chains and pendants can be a very distinctive fashion statement. Small beads can be worn on cords. My favorite cord is easy….. shoelaces. Yes… they come in different colors, are water proof, and easy to tie at any lengths. Dog tags, with a design (like your family crest) engraved on it is playing very well. A combination of chains and cords w/ pendants is fashionable. Try different lengths with your variety of shirts and see how it looks. But please, don’t over do it… if you look like Mr. T then…. “I pity the fool!” You’ve been warned. If you do have a 1/2 ton of gold chain, trade it in at your jeweler for something updated. A pendant is a very personal item. It says volumes about your personality and style. Work it… because it’s funny what you can hang from a chain bracelet pop it

Bracelets- Bracelets are easy to wear every day. The proportions of your wrist… big, medium or small, will dictate the heft of your bracelet. Men’s standard bracelet size is 8.5 inches. Pick a bracelet that is adjustable, or have it fitted properly. Be sure it has a good clasp… so you don’t loose it. If you wear a watch, a bracelet on the left is discouraged because it can scratch up an expensive timepiece. A couple can be worn together… and don’t forget about the leather & rubber options.

Rings- Rings can be a touchy subject with men. Either they wear too many… or none. There is a happy medium. If you’re married, I side with your significant other…..wear your wedding band. The only time not to is if work or play may damage it. Now… if your not married, do not wear any ring on your left, ring finger (4th). That leaves nine more to go! Please don’t go overboard though. A ring on every finger looks like you are a bruiser with brass knuckles on. It has a bad boy look, but save it for the biker gang…. we are talking about sophistication here. Wear only one ring on each hand at a time. One ring right, one left, max. The finger is up to you. I think they look masculine on the right middle finger, ring finger and index finger. Pinkie rings are popular… but if you’re a beginner at this, keep it to the three on the inside. As far as fit is concerned.. I get asked by men all the time “How is a ring supposed to fit?” That’s easy… it’s like shoes… it’s personal. The ring should fit tight enough to stay on, and loose enough to be comfortable. With a rainbow of gem color, the sky is the limit. A classic staple for a man is a signet ring, with your initials on it. A plain band is popular so consider a width that looks perfect on your finger.

Earrings- Earrings can be worn as a pair, or just single. Many jewelers are starting to break up sets and sell them individually. A diamond stud is a classic, as well as a small diameter, medium width hoop. Your favorite gem can always be made into a stud earring.

Cuff links- Cuff links used to be the symbol of the wealthy high roller. These days, cuff links aren’t just a black tie affair, it’s a staple of the sophisticated look. Luckily, you don’t need a fortune to look super sharp with cuff links. Cuff links are made in alternative metals these days. Of course, step one is to purchase a few shirts with a french cuff. White and blue will be a good start for your closet. If you’re as clueless as I am with an iron, send those shirts to be done at your dry cleaner. Choosing cuff links is a little tricky. As with all your pieces, make sure it fits your style, and your personality. I have never been a fan of the “themed” cuff links. Golf balls, playing cards, corporate logos and the like…. are kitsch rather than stylish. Pick a modern, slick style in a shape you like. Also, many cuff links available are accented in black. This is great if all your clothes are black. For your first pair, stick to an all metal link that will prove more versatile. Having your initials engraved on some plain round or square cuff links is a timeless and elegant way to go.

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