Pompoko: A Great Place to Eat Japanese Food in Brighton

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Pompoko is Brighton’s most authentic Japanese restaurant with a fantastic choice of dishes and a bustling atmosphere. To put it simply, the Pompoko experience is delicious food, great value and polite, speedy service 日本水果禮盒. The restaurant always hosts a varied crowd and is great for couples or larger groups, there is also the option to bring your own bottle, which is perfect when you’re on a budget! All of the food is authentically Japanese and cooked freshly to order, but you’ll rarely have to wait more than fifteen minutes for your food to arrive, no matter how large the group.

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Choose between a rice bowl dish like the Tori Chilli Don- a chicken dish with a tangy sauce, or a stir fried noodle/rice dish with your choice of meat, seafood or a vegetarian option such as tofu or mixed vegetables. There’s no need to play it safe, try something new- everything is so tasty that you’d struggle to find a dish you didn’t like.

The food comes in awesome Japanese rice bowls or plates, and you have the choice of chop sticks if you feel comfortable. Pompoko is the perfect place for a group celebration or just a quick drop in on your lunch hour, and the busy atmosphere allows for good conversation, in keeping with traditional Japanese communal eating. Another fantastic reason to visit Pompoko is the price! A main meal can come as cheap as £4, and you’ll certainly leave feeling full whilst still spending under £10.

This means you can have a one of a kind independent restaurant experience for half the price of a high street food-chain alternative. The restaurant has two floors, with small tables slotted around each other and plenty of interesting Japanese knick-knacks to look at on the walls. As it’s always busy they don’t take bookings- the quick service and attentive staff make sure that you’ll be seated and eating as quickly as possible.

This quaint eatery is located near Brighton’s lanes on Church Street, near Brighton station and very close to the Dome Theatre and The Pavilion. Pompoko is truly unique, and great for when you’re feeling spontaneous. It’s suitable for anyone, but the low price and cosy layout means you’re always likely to find students and people wanting plenty of food on a budget. Open as early as 11.30 and as late as 23.00 on Saturdays, be sure to drop in and experience Pompoko for yourself!

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