The Internet Runs on Keywords

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The nitty gritty of online marketing is your keyword selection. People turn to the Internet as if it is a crystal ball they will type in there needs in to there search engine of choice as a keyword or phrase. i.e.” best way to invest”, “how to cure acne” “lose weight”. This is called your organic traffic, search engine traffic and is accomplished by Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your keywords. What is your solution? The key to marketing online is to define the problem you solve and the emotional solution. This will be the core of your Internet presence. The keywords can be time consuming and in my opinion quite boring. But the tools and the subsequent market research are literally priceless and can determine success or failure of your Internet endeavors. Google, witch dominates the search engine war and is creating new uses for itself daily, provides useful and free I might add keyword research tools.

The Google phenomenon approaches the e-commerce advertising from two angles, the advertiser (AdWords) and the publishers (AdSense). To jump the gun a little I feel the need to explain my vision of the Internet Lifestyle, it is 6 words. Multiple streams of automated residual income. So don’t worry all will be explained. But In regards to Google AdSense it is an easy addition to the main plan, and AdWords with the right plan is a great wealth attractor. Diversify without fragmenting or diluting the master plan google search scraper . So you have defined your USP and built the keyword list. You now need a store front. If you do not have the domain name to match your company name or if you are starting an online business, buy one that is keyword rich and appropriate as soon as the budget of your endeavor allows. Godaddy is cheap and reliable. Starting cheap but effective is not only possible but a good Idea. The Internet is run on information and the advertising surrounding it. Good information costs nothing to promote and can go viral on you. This is the brunt of your work and will take up the most energy and resources this aspect of creating good “content” is something that you will out-source ASAP. If you are an aspiring writer or even writers with some renown or if you want or are a public figure or speaker you may want to create the information “products” yourself and out -source or automate the distribution only.

This is where I make an impassioned plea to keep our Internet Valuable, to not cheapen it with badly spun PLR or Keyword spamming articles and publishing’s. The software driven keyword scraped websites for just to run AdSense, add nothing to the over all wealth of knowledge or usefulness. But a well thought out keyword optimized article or press release can be almost magically effective.

How to choose an international employment agency for your Foreign labor recruitment & guest workers Programs.

Choosing an international employment agency to help facilitate the recruitment of foreign labor or migrant workers for your business can tricky, especially if you are an American employer looking to hire workers under the sponsored US gust worker visa program for non immigrant H-2B visa staff.

With the new H-2B rules introduced in January 2009, if an agent abroad has charged the workers a fee, then you as an employer may have to repay the workers the full amount! Therefore the screening of international employment agencies is essential.

I have been involved in immigration services and international employment since 1997, so i have learned through mistakes over several years and i think it’s fair to say that i am well qualified to offer to you the tips that i am about to reveal to you, so stay with me for the next 2-3 minutes that it takes to read the rest of my article.

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