The Perils Of An Entrepreneur Who Is Extremely Shy

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The only woman of Indian origin to have a book title of “Scared to be Last” is Shameem Kazmi. This article will give you an insight into the life of an entrepreneur who started her successful online business at the age of 29. As she herself states, she never once questioned her decision to start her online business, even when others advised against it. She started this business with a personal credit card and a very small budget .

Her mother always told her that success is the result of a consistent hard work. It all started with that first sentence – “I was scared to be last Shameem Kazmi “. This lady was born at the time when India became independent from Britain. She was always described as a happy go lucky girl by her parents.

After independence, she lived in different cities of India, both in Delhi and Mumbai. In her early years she worked as a secretary in various companies. However, her professional experience did not stop there.

When she graduated from college, she joined the Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi. She graduated cum la in electrical engineering. She worked with many students both male and female in the evenings. During this period, she began to develop a keen interest in computers and designing. The curiosity of her mind got her involved in the computer manufacturing business in India. This eventually lead her to setting up her own firm.

Now she is well known for her online marketing services. She has set up an agency called Red Flag Labs, which is dedicated to helping small entrepreneurs set up their online businesses. As one would expect, she has had to face a lot of criticism over her methods of marketing online. Some people question her motives and claim that she does not have any genuine love for the business. This allegation has been repeatedly made by her competitors. However, Kazmi stands her ground.

She firmly believes in the power of word of mouth advertising. Therefore, she is happy to share her services with those who are willing to seek her expertise. Her website has plenty of testimonials attesting to her excellent work. She is also open to providing information about her business on her website.

One can contact her through the mail or by visiting her website. She is very friendly and willing to help even if the advice is given through email. If you require more information, then you can send her an email or even call her on her land line.

As with most things in life, one must learn to give and receive. Kazmi lives in New Jersey and has a very laid back persona. There is no way that she will ever be a pushover, but she will expect to be treated with respect and gratitude.

A good friend of mine, Karen Handy, once mentioned to me that if you want a tough girl, look no further than Shameem Kazmi. I found this to be a compliment. Kazmi is one tough cookie. In fact, she is tough enough to withstand fist fights, but when it comes to negotiating with others, she is a wimp. She also has a penchant for collecting credit cards and other items.

Like many people in her position, she realizes that she does not have unlimited resources. She knows that she has to make the best of what she has got. This includes her down time. At times, she may seem to be nothing more than a glorified secretary, but for the right person, she can be a great partner and a valuable asset to any business.

At the end of the day, I do believe that it is important to understand that when you are running a business, there is no free lunch. Sometimes, you must work for what you want. Sometimes, you must fight for what you deserve. However, in the end, you must accept your circumstances and be able to look at them objectively. At the same time, you must make some compromises in order to get where you want to go.

If you are looking for a tough person who will tolerate mistreatment and backstabbing from others, then you should take a closer look at Shameem Kazmi. Although she has been painted in a bad light in the media, I believe in her and see her as a true character. Her example of hard work and resilience should give you inspiration to succeed.

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