Things to Look For If Considering an MBA School

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Earning an MBA could be the ticket you need to a better job, higher pay, and leadership roles in your career MBA . It could be the best decision when considering your job path. However, choosing a school is not an easy task and should not be taken lightly. There are many features to consider before choosing the school that is right for you. Here are the top 4 things to look for when considering an MBA school

This one is key. Any academic institution worth their academic salt has received some form of accreditation. A school with accreditation will ensure it is well run, organized and competent in areas of coursework and academics. Gaining accreditation is no easy task for a school, but it does give you, the potential student, some degree of confidence in the school’s ability to give you a trustworthy degree.

Think about the reputation of the MBA school that you select. Every school has a reputation; you just need to make sure the school’s reputation is the right one. You can determine a school’s reputation pretty easily by doing several things. First, check out business magazines for their rankings of various business schools. The levels can vary quite a bit depending on the publisher or ranking systems. Take the rankings with a grain of salt, since different ranking systems may be looking for different things. Also, do some simple searches on news articles that cover the MBA school which you are considering. Scandals, financial shortcomings, dropping enrollment, and a rapid turnover in leadership are red flags. The way that the press discusses a school is very important, because perception is everything. Be sure the school you earn the MBA from, which you will add to your name at the end of your degree, is recognized as a quality institution.

Usually, good schools have entrance requirements. If they ask for a certain GMAT score, college degrees from an accredited institution, or a GPA above a certain level, don’t be disappointed; be grateful. Good schools protect the quality of their degree by culling the number of successful applicants. To avoid being pegged as a diploma mill or an institution of cheap and meaningless degrees, schools must set entrance requirements. It’s not necessary that the school have Ivy League requirements. Simply look for a school that will not just accept anyone and everyone who applies.

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