Three Top Video Game Movies

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Video games have become increasingly popular since the first consoles were introduced decades ago. Today, many popular films are based on video games or feature video games in their plots. Three games that have become popular movies include “Resident Evil,” “Silent Hill,” and “Tomb Raider.”

Capcom introduced the “Resident Evil” video game series in 1989. It is a survival series with elements of science fiction and horror, and has sold over thirty-million copies. The first game in the series centers on a sequence of cannibalistic homicides that occur in the Arklay Mountains. Police head out to investigate and are led to an abandoned mansion, in which they encounter zombies and other monster-like creatures that have been infected with the terrible T-virus.

The film closely follows the video game’s storyline. Alice, played by Milla Jovovich, and her team of commandos have been sent on a mission to contain the T-virus outbreak. She wakes up in the abandoned mansion and must make her way through the house to smuggle out a sample of the F95zone T-virus so she can save the human race from zombies. The film takes her through a series of events that includes being bitten by one of the zombies. It makes many references to characters and organizations in the game, including the Umbrella Corporation, which was the pharmaceutical company involved in bio-organic weapons and genetic engineering. When Alice goes outside, she encounters crows, which seem to be a sign of death and darkness in the film. Gamers also deal with crows as enemies throughout the video game. The film was such a successful adaptation that it grossed over a hundred million dollars at the box office.

The “Silent Hill” game series is a survival horror series that Konami developed for the PlayStation game console. The game was released in 1999. Its storyline follows Harry Mason as he searches for his adopted daughter, who has gone missing. There are five game endings available, depending on the player’s actions.

The “Silent Hill” film incorporates elements from all four of the “Silent Hill” games. The film stars Rose, played by Radha Mitchell, and Christopher, played by Sean Bean. Rose, unaware of the dangers of the city, takes her daughter Sharon to the deserted town of Silent Hill in order to confront Sharon’s fears. Sharon (Jodelle Ferland) ends up missing, and Rosa goes in search of her missing daughter. She must learn the mysterious town’s secrets and fight the dark powers in order to get her daughter back. “Silent Hill: Revelation,” the newest film in the series, was released on October 26, 2012. Like the video games, both films create a desolate world where zombies and witchcraft run rampant.

“Tomb Raider” is a film that was adapted from the “Tomb Raider” video game series and was released in 2001. It involves a race against time and villains to recover powerful ancient artifacts. It stars Angelina Jolie as the main character of Lara Croft. Croft discovers a clock that her dead father had hidden in her house. The clock turns out to be a key to the Triangle of Light, an ancient artifact that the Illuminati, a secret society, are trying to get hold of in order to destroy the world. As Croft tries to retrieve the key, she faces a series of difficulties, including working against Alex (Daniel Craig), a man she’s attracted to. The film takes the excitement from the video game and brings it to life through beautiful landscapes and believable characters. The film grossed over a $250,000 worldwide, making it one of the highest-grossing video game-based films to date. It debuted at number one the first weekend it came out, and it was nominated for two MTV movie awards.

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