Top MBA Myths

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Perhaps anyone can complete one of the many poor quality MBA programs available. To attain an MBA from a respectable Business School will mean a lot of hard work and dedication. Attaining a reputable MBA is not easy and takes a lot of focus and study MBA課程香港.If you are looking to further your career, enhance your salary or develop yourself then only a small proportion of MBA programs will be of any use. There are thousands of MBA programs and business schools however most are not known nor recognized by the ‘business world’. Top business schools are ranked highly in reputable MBA rankings and/or are accredited by AMBA, EQUIS or AACSB,

Achieving a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from a great Business School only comes from hard work and dedication. Here are the top ten myths that I, as a graduate from a high ranked MBA School, often encounter people reciting:

There are good and bad MBA ranking guides available. Attaining a top ranking on one of the influential MBA rankings such as those produced by The Economist, Financial Times or Businessweek is extremely valuable to the reputation of an MBA program. People who have attained an MBA from a top ranking school are generally paid more and receive more employment offers than those who have attended non ranking schools.Having attained an MBA from a reputable Business School certainly assists in communicating that a certain level of competence and knowledge is possible from an MBA graduate. There are no guarantees however and career progression, even having attained an MBA, still relies on hard work and being great at your role.

Attaining a good MBA makes achieving a high salary more attainable however there are no guarantees. Just as career progression isn’t guaranteed by having an MBA so a high salary isn’t guaranteed. Those who attain MBAs from good Business Schools have had to work very hard and make the correct business decisions in order to attain their MBAs. These same skills are necessary to attain a high salary
Distance/Correspondence MBA Courses are just as good as othersLearning is about experience as well as hard fact. A great part of MBA programs is learning from others in your class and learning to work in high performance teams. Distance learning and correspondence MBA programs (i.e. those where physical attendance at classes is not mandated) miss this significant part of an MBA course.

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