Traditional Japanese Food – Something So Raw Could Be So Delicious

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Japanese food is considered among the most delicious dishes around the world. It offers a remarkable experience that is famous for its own style. But not everyone enjoys the taste of its inimitable flavors. This is most probably because of the generalized idea of tasting raw food that you are already of a mind to hate Japanese food even before you actually taste it.

Raw fish dipped in fabulous sauce is an authentic Japanese food that is hard to appreciate after only one bite. If you hate it, you probably haven’t given yourself a chance to savor it deeply, or haven’t given the dish a chance to sample you enough. Personally, I like Japanese food 健康食品 and there really is no other cuisine like it in the world that offers the most delicious raw food with the most unique taste and lovely presentation.

Raw vegan sushi was the most delicious sushi I’ve ever had. It was way more flavorful and nutritious than cooked, and was not expensive at all. The quick papaya sushi with a spicy honey-sweetened wasabe dipping sauce also carried a spectacular flavor that I couldn’t stop eating it. I also had a wonderful experience in a “kaiseki” style dinner; a traditional multi-course dinner consisting of flavorful appetizers, slices of raw sashimi, food marinated in vinegar, grilled fish, and other Japanese steamed foods. Sashimi is one of the most delicious Japanese dish which is fish or shellfish cut thinly and served raw along with Japanese soy sauce and wasabe. I never in my wildest imagination thought that something so raw could be so delicious!

Soy bean soup with egg tofu and white fish was another dish to love. I couldn’t imagine egg tofu combined with fish in a soup. I expected an impossible mix of nuance but the dish amazingly rendered a clear taste of soy beans which was very tasty. Another popular trademark of Japanese cuisine is seafood. You will see all types of fish, as well as shellfish, squid and octopus incorporated in most of their dishes. Crab is another preferred delicacy and so are whale and seaweed. Not only do Japanese cooks are so capable of putting up only the freshest quality of seafood, they also have the ability to make only a pinch of salt and a couple drops of soy sauce work for an entire dish.

At one point, I have seen how they preheated a dry Japanese clay hot pot in the oven and cooked rice and aromatic ingredients for a risotto. I like the idea of mixing rice with aromatics in a hot clay pot. The smell was very inviting. I truly learned that Japanese cooking is not at all mysterious but substantially terrific. It only requires a bit of planning and preparation, and when it comes to preparing raw food, taking it step by step is something I can do at home, anytime.

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