Troubleshooting Common Problems in Gas Or Electric Hot Water Heaters

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You can not always rely on the heating system to keep you warm. Sometimes you need a little extra help. This is where the hot water heater comes in handy. Most homes have one. They are very reliable and you will never experience leakage because of a worn-out valve. However, these days, leaks from the water heater to happen more often than you would imagine.

Hot Water Heater Leaking In Oakville

There are many things that can cause a leak. It could be the hose used to fill the tub or the pipe that the water passes through. With some models of hot water heaters, it could also be a defective part called a gasket. If you see a leak, it is advisable to get it repaired by a professional so you do not risk the property or your health. Here are some of the most common causes for hot water heater leaks.

Leaks around fixtures are very common. One of the ways to find leaks is to make sure there is no debris in the area. If there is something that should not be there, like a leaf, it will probably get caught up in the flue and cause a leak. If the hot water heater has a baffle that helps keep hot air from escaping, it can also cause a problem. The baffle can often be removed and replaced if necessary.

If you see fluid coming out of the hot water heater when you turn on the water but when you shut off the hot water heater, the liquid will still leak. This means that the pressure is not setting properly. Check the pressure setting on the tank valve so that you can make the necessary adjustments. Then put back in the tank and hot water heater into service.

A faulty heater pump can also cause hot water to leak. A low-flow shower heater can give you trouble in this regard as well because the pump may not operate at full capacity. If you suspect that this is the problem, remove the shower from the hot water heater and inspect it carefully. If you see evidence that it is not working properly, replace it with a model that does work properly. In addition, if you see fluid coming out of the hot water heater when you turn it on but when you shut it off, the liquid is coming out into the shower and not into your faucets or tubs.

Another possible problem with a pump is that it fails to shut down completely. This can be checked by removing the pump from the water source and seeing if the valve simply won’t close. You can often hear a whining or buzzing noise when you do shut it down. If so, the valve may need to be adjusted. If the noise persists after making the appropriate adjustments, then you most likely have a more serious problem with the pump itself.

If you have any signs of leakage around the tank of your hot water heater, this is a more serious problem. Hot water leaks can often be found by looking at where a hot water leak is located. If there is a leak under the floor somewhere, then the leak probably isn’t the best place to find it. However, if you have a good way to find hot water leaks, it is usually fairly easy to find the source of the leak.

One last potential problem with your heater could be boiler failure. This typically occurs if the water tank is leaking, so if you notice this happening regularly, it is highly recommended that you buy a new pump and hot water tank immediately. A damaged pump can cause serious damage to your heater that could make it uninable or even dangerous to use. Call a qualified heating technician to check out your heater and make sure that it is functioning correctly.

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