What is Wholesale Building Supply?

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So you’re about to start building. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a brand new home or an add-on. The cheapest discount building supply should be to buy wholesale building supply. Now there are so many companies that have wholesale building supply as part of their marketing or branding, that’s it’s difficult to choose the right one.

First I think we need to look at the meaning of wholesale building supply. Wholesale building suppliers sell large quantities of building supply to retailers who sell to you. That’s according to the meaning of the word wholesale. Yes, we’re at the bottom of the building supply food chain!

Now unless you’re building a brand new house that uses a large quantity of building supply, you may not be buying from a wholesale building supplier. Often these wholesale building supply companies are really just retailers. Their price is no better then your local building supply store.

So don’t take their word for it compare prices, and always, always, always, ask for a discounted building supply price. On a large project the discount received may be large enough to Building Supplies allow you to afford a better finish than you had planned.

When looking for true wholesale building supply, I feel it’s best to go to the source! If it’s log home building supply or stock building supply. Go to the manufacturer of the product you need.

If you’re building a log home then try and find your local saw mill. That way you know, you’re getting your log home building supply from the manufacturer of the wood. You’re not buying from a wholesale building supply store that has bought the wood from the manufacturer. This way you should be guaranteed of getting the best price.

If you’re going to buy bricks, don’t go to the wholesale building supply store. Go straight to the brick yard, where the bricks are made.

As we begin to plan the building of our own home, and we compare prices and quality of products, we’re finding it is definitely a tricky business. No matter what you’re building from a small wooden picket fence to a mansion of a home, do your research and compare the prices offered by wholesale building supply stores, to the prices offered by the manufacturer. You’ll be surprised at the amount of money you’ll save.

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