World’s Best Biking Cities

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The trend towards green living seems to be here to stay with more and more people making life choices that benefit the earth and themselves. Take biking for example – formerly the mode of transport for your local “tree hugger,” biking is rapidly becoming the go-to choice of transportation for more and more Americans.

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Need proof? Oregon’s own hippie hub, Portland, ousted Copenhagen as the # 2 Most Bike-Friendly City in the world! In Portland, all parts of the city are connected by a varied network of bike lanes and trails (offering faster routes or routes with fewer hills) bike rent in dehradun. Other American cities are also embracing the trend! In Davis, California more people bike to work than drive. And Chicago pledged to be the Most Bike-Friendly City in the U.S by 2015!

Why is biking suddenly so popular? In addition to being great exercise, biking is cheaper (no insurance, less financial investment) and does not produce one single ounce of pollution for our atmosphere.

Of course, Amsterdam remains the # 1 Bike City in the world (hence the nickname “Bicycle Capital of Europe”) with 40% of commuters on two wheels. Amsterdam has extensive biking trails and lanes and a network of safety set up to ensure that drivers treat cyclists with respect and caution. To prevent bike theft, many grassroots organizations have popped up and the government has invested in more public sheds (for temporary storage when you’re out running errands).

Copenhagen comes in at #3 with 32% of commuters traveling by bike. One neighborhood, Christiania, is entirely car free! And don’t worry if you don’t bring your own bike – there are hundreds of rent centers around the city which offer returnable deposits. That’s right – you rent the bike, use it all day, return it and get your money back!

Boulder, Colorado is the fourth most bicycle-friendly city in the world and the second American city on the list. What makes Boulder’s biking great is the variety of public programs available that educate people on bike safety and maintenance, self protection (using 

Anyone who thinks they can safely ride a bike without wearing a helmet is kidding themselves. Bicycling is an inherently dangerous sport. When riding on road, it is easily possible to be hit by a car, have a mechanical failure or just simply crash. While riding off road, the terrain can be so unpredictable and the challenges of riding so hard that crashing is pretty much the norm for all serious riders. The number one cause of death for bicyclist is head injury and most of these injuries would be easily preventable if the rider has just worn a helmet.

When you go to buy a new bike, you need to factor in the cost of getting a helmet. You should just include that in your purchase price because you should not ever ride a bike without wearing a helmet. It is always a joke at the bike shop that people will come in and spend several hundred to thousands of dollars on a bike but balk at spending an extra 40 dollars to make sure they will be protected from death.

Purchasing a bike helmet is a pretty simple task. All helmets sold in the us are required to meet a standard called the CPSC which means they all perform at the same level of safety specification. What you pay more for a nice helmet is durability, comfort(increased air flow and better padding) style. So when you go into get a helmet, think about what style you want to get. That will be one important deciding factor in your decision. The main other concern is fit. You do not want your bike helmet to be riding way up on your forehead. Ask a bike shop employee to help you with this since they will know how to size the helmets so you get the most comfortable and protective helmet possible.

 and equipping your bike with lights), road rules and more.

With over 100 miles of bike lanes, Davis, California is #5 on the list. Davis was one of the first U.S cities to incorporate bicycle lanes and cycling into its transportation infrastructure. It even voted to eliminate school buses a few years ago! Davis is currently in the process of building a massive underground bike-only tunnel that would run the length of one of the city’s main roads.

Back in Europe, Sandnes, in Norway, is #6 on the list followed by Trondheim. Both of these cities were chosen by the Norwegian government as test cities in 1990 to try to reduce car traffic and pollution. Clearly, the program was a success! Trondheim is, after all, where the bike lift was invented.

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